Meet Raina!

Learn how Raina was able to use FAMin to fund a family trip.

Making ends meet has always been a challenge in my family. That’s why a trip to Europe has always sounded like something that other people do. Something that I could only dream about.

"Life should be a celebration"

, my Grandma Ruby always says. She also says life should be a journey filled with exciting places. When Ruby was younger, she traveled with a dance troupe to Rome, Athens, and Barcelona. Seeing other parts of the world has been her passion, and has made her into the fantastic person she is. She passed that passion on to me. Ever since I was a little girl, I would pretend to be a world traveler. I was always reading books about exotic places and different cultures. When Grandma Ruby said that I should take a trip to see the world after high school, I burst out laughing!

“How could I do that, when we hardly have enough money for the rent?” I asked her. But Ruby just smiled and shook her head. That was a little more than a year ago. Guess what? I am going to Rome in a month. Thank you, Grandma Ruby, and my entire extended family who contributed to the cause on the Fam-In website.

Practically everyone I know helped fill my piggy bank. I never imagined that I would be able to get enough money for the trip. In the last six months, I have earned enough money from baby-sitting, dog-walking, and working as a library assistant to cover the spending money I will need for the trip.

The really incredible thing about all of this is that tonight, while we are having dinner, Grandma Ruby is going to give my mom a huge surprise. My mom, who works so hard as a nurse’s aide and never complains about the long hours, is in for a treat. Grandma Ruby wants to pay for Mom to come away with me! Me and mom take Rome! Life really is a celebration.